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WDIS? Twelve Team League (1 Viewer)


MFL scoring format... hybrid PPR model

Pick two among these in flex spots.

A. Eckeler, M. Crabtree, J. Graham, G. Kittle

I am leaning toward Eckeler and Graham, but Eck's rushing matchup scaresd me a bit.  If Rams get out way ahead it will neuter CHargers running game (yes, I have Gordon as well)

Crabtree is steady,... but unspectacular these days

Eckelar and Kittle, if the rams do stop the run game you will get points from Eckelar and not Gordon. Kittle has a great matchup. Start every wr and te against KC.

With Goodwin hurt, Kittle is all the 49ers have.  Start him.  Hate to play two Chargers against the Rams.  I'd probably start Crabtree over Graham, but close.


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