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WDIS: Tyrod Taylor (@NO) or Matt Ryan (vs. CAR) (1 Viewer)


Many ways to earn points, but notably completions and rushing attempts both acquire points as well as thresholds (i.e. 100+ rushing, 300+ passing, etc.)

They're projected close and Tyrod gets a beaten down Saints defense, but do I stick with Ryan even though he stunk up the joint in week 1? 

Before the whole Gordon thing, I would have said Tyrod easily. I still lean Tyrod but its about 55-45 confidence wise.

Well, Ryan should get more completions than Taylor, and Taylor more rushing attempts than Ryan.  I think Ryan also gets more passing yards than Taylor.  

As much as I dislike Ryan, I think I would favor him now that Gordon is out for Cleveland.  But it's close

Thanks for answering mine


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