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WDIS: Yeldon or Crowell? Ebron or Graham? (1 Viewer)


Not off to a good start for week 8. My opponent took a shot with Lamar Miller and it paid off big. His lineup was already looking stronger than mine. I have two spots I need to make a decision on in a NON-PPR league.

RB: Crowell vs Chicago, or Yeldon vs. Eagles in London (I have Hyde too by the way)

TE: Ebron vs Oakland, or Jimmy Graham vs Rams

Rest of lineup is Dalton, Chubb, Beckham, Cooks, Hilton and Tucker at PK.

Crowell is an easy call in my opinion. We have no idea how the Jags backfield is going to shake out. 

I'd go Graham over Ebron. Ebron benefited greatly from being the only real game in town for a few weeks, but with Hilton and now Doyle back, his targets are a lock to dwindle. Graham also has a better QB, and a better matchup from a volume sense.


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