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start 2 wr, 2 rb, 1 flex from:

dj moore @ buf

Metcalf @ la

devonta smith vs Was

parker vs nyj

jacobs @ clv

j. williams vs cin

stevenson @ ind

hubbard @ buf

penny @ la

got these in right now








Here are my thoughts:

  • dj moore @ buf:  Questionable with a hammie injury.  Need more info before making a decision.  Assuming he is playing he would be in consideration
  • Metcalf @ la:  Been terrible all season.  Tough to trust but he has been getting more love and Seattle seems to be pointing up.  
  • devonta smith vs Was:  Seems to be a decent matchup.  Hard to trust because volume is always low.  Also not sure who will be throwing him the ball.  Probably out.
  • parker vs nyj:  No Waddle or RB's.  Great matchup.  He is in the lineup.
  • jacobs @ clv:  Usage is solid you have to start him
  • j. williams vs cin:  Been really good even with Gordon in the lineup.  Likely in the lineup.
  • stevenson @ ind:  If Harris is out then he is a must start.  If Harris is in then not so much.
  • hubbard @ buf:  Don't trust him and you have better choices.
  • penny @ la:  Hard to trust but no Collins and Seattle always seems to want him to succeed.  

Right now I would roll with Metcalf, Parker, Jacobs & Williams for sure.  Then based on injury situations it would Stevenson, Penny, or Moore (in that order assuming best case scenario for each)


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