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We Da Seahawks (1 Viewer)

Well, ####. I thought we had a chance. We are ***OFFICIALLY*** doomed now.

I dunno...I keep saying they'll lose and going from my track record this past season, that's a clear indicator they'll crush the Skins.
I like "He's Shaun Alexander" much more. Hopefully they won't be playing this outside the stadium because I'll :X on someones "box."

I like the other one WAY better.


"LOFA....LOFA....TA-TU-PU.. there is no one who can stop you."

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Well, ####. I thought we had a chance. We are ***OFFICIALLY*** doomed now.

Yep, the Bengals tried it and look what happened to them. The last team that backed up their song was 20 years ago... Da Bears!
I don't think an NFL song is really an NFL song unless it contains a line about MY HOMIE REGGIE WAYNE, no matter what team it is about.


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