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We have pope (1 Viewer)

Picking one from LatAm is probably the right move for the church.
Yeah. I was pretty much expecting a Pope from Latin America or Africa. The fastest growing Catholic regions. Sure wasn't going to be an American. Although you had to allow for the Italian what with tradition and all. Not really a surprising pick IMO.
My mother-in-law's 91-year-old brother received last rites Sunday, then took an unexpected and dramatic turn for the better on Monday.

His name is Francis.

She is likely to consider this a divine indicator of some sort.

How does this pope fit the end times prophesies? Tia.
Well if you think Reggie Bush could help the Lions win the Super Bowl, I am certain that is a sign of the end3 years ago I would have said the though of Manning throwing to Welker for the Broncos was too
You hear more references to Mary then anyone. :confused:
The Virgin was always the biggest star of the Church, Holy & Apostolic, i grew up in.It is nice that they picked a "holy" and modest man - it stirs what little spirit remains in this ol altar boy.Also glad the Jesuits - who educated me more & better than anyone else could have - and the true home of modern Catholicism - the latin world - got their due.
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Aliens throughout the galaxy must be so shuked right now. wth are these humans doing?
:rolleyes:there's no way they can know about this yet. on the flipside, still time to get a bet in with them.
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I was actually thinking a few hours ago that it would be funny if the new pope was named Frank. Francis is close enough, I guess.

Gay marriage is a "machination of the Father of Lies." Adoption by gay people is discrimination against children. Words of wisdom from the new Pope who distanced himself from the liberation theology movement (the priests and nuns who actively opposed dictators and took risks for social justice). The woman president of Argentina said the Catholic Church under his leadership in the country was reminiscent of "medieval times and the inquisition."

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