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Week #1 Defensive Projections (1 Viewer)


The reason TDs are decimals for offensive players is that if you give 1 or 0 to a player it makes a big difference in projected points, and in reality you may only think the difference between the two players is 0.2 TD (0.6 vs 0.4). Why not do the same for defensive players? I would put more value into the projections if I could see decimals for sacks, INTs, PDs, FFs, etc. If you "force" your projections to be integers, the result may not make sense - your rankings may not reflect your real view of scoring potential for this week. I don't plan on using projections very much if everything is an integer.I understand it may be more work to project decimals, but if you sort all players for each statistical category, then you just move 0.1 to have gradual changes from one player to another. Or do you think I am just splitting hair?


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