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Week 1: Thoughts from the Rocking Chair (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

Kansas City 40...Jacksonville 26

-This was complete carnage and we don’t know just how bad Mahomes might be. That kid just bounces thru a sprained ankle during a game, let’s see what that sucker looks like on Instagram come Tuesday...my gut says many QBs would have not finished the game or would be likely OUT going into next week but Mahomes is a Warrior and I expect him to play thru it, especially since Hill is OUT for likely a month. Few weeks? That’s more than 2, then if he is OUT for let’s say 4 weeks solid, could be another 2-3 weeks before he can go FULL SPEED, not to rub it in to owners but it also impacts Mahomes and their owners who already saw a Pro Bowl level RB replaced by a Miami RB3 throwaway to the point a 31 year old RB on a career bad year comes into town like Jesus on a Donkey...you gotta pause and wonder when Sammy Watkins sprains his big toe what is this offense going to resemble? 

-Who are the WR3/4/5 slots in KC, those should be juicy for at least the next month? 

-Quick thoughts on Foles, no slight to Jax but this is what happens with guys like Foles who were NFL after thoughts and then get a Super Bowl and then go Jeff Hostetler on you and the thing is Foles off the bench terrific, Foles starting QB will end up on the bench and this time it’s injury. I know I read something about an abdominal injury leading up to Week1  and I thought for $20M a season or whatever they paid him, you gotta act like a starting QB and that’s not letting leaks about stomach pains get run thru the media. You could see the one big hit-injury coming with Foles. I don’t mean any disrespect, he just isn’t built like an NFL starting QB but he is one of the most effective back ups and will likely be a head coach if he wants although $95M might change his career if he collects even half of it in Jax. He is likely done in 2019 so his dollar cost per pass attempt just went way up. 

Minnesota 28...Atlanta 12

-It was 28-0 into the 4th Q, this was a beat down where the Vikings really didn’t have to throw it long, the drives were ball control with nice intermediate passes, they made it look easy. I don’t think Atlanta is talentless and you shouldn’t either. I am adjusting my win total for the Vikes to a clear Division Winner and maybe 12-13 wins now. The additions on the OL and a decisive attitude on offense is going to spell big things and allow the defense to take more chances. I look for the Vikings to be involved in any upgrades or depth they might need on defense along the way. They were lining up and running over the Falcons, if they can play ball control and shorten the game against teams like Atlanta, LA Rams, New Orleans, Dallas, this was impressive IMO. 

Baltimore 59...Miami Senior High School 10

-I’ve never seen anything quite like that in my entire life rooting for and against the Phins. On one hand I can clearly see Miami is tanking and that’s disturbing that it took ‘em this long to figure out they aren’t very good at anything so just tank. You are trusting a front office that has plenty of holes. I guess just draft Tua #1 in 2020 and then Lawrence in 2021 because this is now a full 5+ year rebuild. Miami will have a top 5 pick each year for the next 3-5 seasons possibly. The NFL once in a while has to do something to prevent teams from basterdizing the rules and I would say Miami is pushing the limit. They gutted any hope of winning a few games when they got rid of Tunsil and Stills, if Houston is part of the Final 4 in the AFC next couple years, you’re looking at almost 2nd round picks for those two players, and you’re banking Miami can hit on their picks, look at the 2017 Class if you need any assistance in how bad this organization truly is. We can cheer a rebuild and going 0-16 but the Miami Dolphins have now entered allowed a Cat-5 to hit them and when this finally blows out there might not be a team worth rebuilding here.  

-Let’s see what Brady and Prescott do the next couple weeks but I think every QB is going to look like an All Pro vs Miami where the coaches are now being questioned by the players and many wanting out...I like Lamar Jackson enough to not be biased but I also think he might have notched his best game of the season. I wouldn’t over react as this looked like his Louisville days meaning Miami isn’t an NFL franchise at the moment. But I have to say the Jackson to Hollywood connection in the 1st half was fun to listen to despite being a Phinsfan...wish it was someone else but that looks promising and if I were a Ravens fan I would be feeling like Jackson has a chance to be better than a game manager now, maybe a lot more. Same time, let’s CYE until we see a few more games. 

Tennessee 43...Cleveland 13

-This had to be the upset of the day and yet to many fans who watch the games and don’t buy into the media hype, you had a feeling this might be coming. 

-First of all the Tennessee Titans are basically A Good QB or Solid QB Weekly Production away from being a strong playoff team. The running game looks solid and Delanie Walker still has it, both blocking and catching that guy is a leader. You add in pretty solid OL and a tough defense even if its not riddled with playmakers just yet. I like what Vrabel is doing and instead of doing a rebuild, they are simply building around what they have. There is a ceiling for sure but don’t overlook the Titans to be something like 10-5/9-6 and looking as a solid Wildcard team.

-Kitchens is going to be fired or demoted, just a matter of time. 18 penalties, Pick-6s, Foul Mouth Media Haters at the Podium, this is a bunch of babies and brats who feel entitled to whatever and I feel for the fan base but they need a real coach. They have LOTS of talent, they are going to need a leader to come in and put Baker Mayfield in his place because he is not the coach despite what he thinks. I put the blame on Freddie, don’t care to discuss the individuals in the skill positions as much outside of Baker. 

New England 33...Pittsburgh 3

-Why do the Patriots think they need AB and the Circus? I am not sold that he can keep it together but we’ll see. I do think the Patriots after watching them torch the Steelers who did not believe Brady could beat them(What a Duck down the middle to Gordon in 3rd) and he simply dropped back and threw a javelin as far as he could and suddenly he has Gordon, Dorsett and soon to be AB streaking down the field. Brown is a terror in the 10-20 range but he also can beat guys deep when he needs to or if they pinch in on run plays. 

-The Patriots can do whatever they want on offense now with one exception. I saw Canon go down last night, not sure how bad that was but they lost another Pro Bowl level type on the OL, they need those guys upright. The run game is going to be up and down, Sony will have some big games but it looks like Burkehead will be involved, White still going to get 5-7 catches a game, lot of mouths to feed. 

Box Score potentially...Brady 350/4TDs, AB-6/72/Td(I don’t see him hitting 150-2Tds often), Gordon who likes like a man child, he bounced off DBs obviously on the TD but also he bounced off of them on the long pass play in the 3rd. He is likely to only catch 3-5 balls a week...3/50 to maybe 5/100/TD, I don’t now how defenses can cover him or keep track of him because if you did want to shut him down you risk AB or PD streaking the other side in a foot race for the end zone...this offense is going to be close to what the Chiefs can do. I would hand the Patriots the Lombardi Trophy now and there is only one way they get derailed and it’s not worth discussing. 

Brady 350/4TD, AB 6/72/TD, Gordon 3/60, Edelman 7/80, White 5/50...don't forget about PD although I see the long balls going more to Gordon in coming weeks...Watson off suspension Week 5, don't forget about him as he will steal some targets too :)  Should be a BB Bonanza where every week some owners will feel slighted. 

-I’ll let others chime in about the Steelrs but it looks really bad so far. 

Other tidbits I wanted to discuss. 

-Indy looked better than I thought they would. Their OL is rock solid and even Brissett is going to experience some success there. Mack looked great, best I’ve seen him thus far, looks like 3rd/4th round Value for any owners. Early nominee for RB2 getting RB1 performances. I even think Indy can beat the Titans next week on the road.

-Chargers didn’t seem to miss too much of a beat, although I still feel Gordon does something to the tempo of that offense. Ekeler had a terrific day, JJ looked good in relief, they don’t need him right? If they don’t, then they should trade him, they get a late 3rd if he walks out the door. That’s why I think a 2nd from a team where that could be a selection in the 45-55 range has a good shot to get him. Otherwise the Chargers look like a team that just likes to grind on their players and I personally think they bring this on themselves. This organization is always mired in contract issues, remember Vincent Jackson? Fans can say what they want but the Mannings wanted nothing to do with San Diego. I’m just saying either trade him and make the team better or patch things up but I don’t think the LAC deserve pats on the back at the moment. 

-Cinci didn’t play that bad and I thought Dalton was actually pretty good under a new coach. They’ll get AJ back. I double checked in case I was wrong like he was 17 out of 31 but no in fact he was 35 of 51 for over 400 yds and no interceptions...I think Cinci fans should feel good. I want to see more but maybe the Bengals had a better QB all along and Lewis held him back...just a knee jerk reaction. Who is his stud TE? Superback? WR1? Skeleton crew and look what he did...maybe Seattle isn’t that good but I think they are solid if nothing else. 

I know I've been away for a bit but I just wanted to talk some football with some old posters for some old times sake. I hope everyone is doing well!

Who did you see, What did you see, How do you view it going forwards?  


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Dallas sure looked sharp throwing the football. Cooper-Gallup-Cobb make a nice trio of weapons for DP. 

Granted the Giants are in the discussion for bottom dwellers but on the surface, Dallas looked veery good and the OL played extremely well I thought. 


1. New England Patriots-Starting QB 6 Super Bowl Rings

2-15. The Field in whatever order suits you but nobody is going to touch the Patriots. 


1. Minnesota Vikings: I felt they looked the sharpest vs a team that was in the Super Bowl 18 months ago. 

2. New Orleans: This could change after tonight

3. Dallas Cowboys: They look focused, if DP can throw that well or has that much time to pass, long season for opponents. 

4. LA Rams: They won, they were ahead by at least 10 on the road late in the game...just doesn't look same as Week 1-8 last year. 

5. Philly: I could slide them ahead of the Rams I guess but I want to see them play Dallas. 

How would you rank the teams in the NFC after Week 1? 

Can't argue with any of your takes.  Definitely think Miami is the team this year where you have to start players because they will make everyone look like a Pro Bowler.  I like Baltimore's young players but I don't think you can draw too much from that beat down.

Also very high on the Vikings. They are a different team when Dalvin Cook is cooking and he seems like a perfect fit for that new offense.

Also intrigued by Dak and the Cowboys.  Was this an abberation of will they be a more balanced team and pass the ball more? Cooper and Gallup are going to be a good pair of receivers for Dak.

Very nice to hear from you MOP!

I hope you are right about the Vikings. I agree they played well. It's only one game though.

I was mostly glad they didnt embarrass themselves like the Bears and Packers.

Pats #1 with a bullet.

2. Cowboys

3. Ravens

4. Chiefs

5. Eagles

Tony Clown is the bullet. Hopefully he shoots the Pats in the leg while at the strip club.

Week 1 overreaction: 

Patriots / Cowboys will make for a fun Super Bowl where most of America hates both teams. 


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