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week #1 Upset of the Week (1 Viewer)


Pick the underdog who will prevail this week. last year we had several guys who had a streak of several weeks picking an upset. remember pick just one team and they must win without the points. here are the games, with the las vegas favorites:(home teams are in caps)REDSKINS over jetsGIANTS over ramsBILLS over patriotsSTEELERS over ravensPANTHERS over jaguarsDOLPHINS over texansBROWNS over coltsbroncos over BENGALSLIONS over cardinalsPACKERS over vikingsCHIEFS over chargersCOWBOYS over falconsSEAHAWKS over saints49ERS over bearsTITANS over raidersEAGLES over buccs

Although this is no upset as the Pats own the Bills, and Bill Bell owns Bledsoe, the Pats will win a close one this weekend at Rich Stadium. We'll be happily watching from the 20 yd line 3rd row. Wooooooooo !!!!I love the NFL !!!

If those fools really do have Seattle favored over New Orleans, then I'll take the Saints on the "upset".

Bengals will win -- last time Bengals played Broncos, Dillon went for 278, what will he do this time? I would say enough to pull off the upset.

ColtsSaintsFalconsThough I've actually seen the Colts-Browns and the Pats-Bills lines both move to Pick, which negates the home teams as favorites.

New England/Buffalo and Cleveland/Indy, and the Giants/Rams all seem to be even money right now.I'll say Baltimore over Pittsburgh.

Ravens, then (2nd choice) Falcons (although I can't understand why they are getting points???) If Vick wasn't hurt they'd be favored by 4-6 points...way too big of a swing over one man!!! :)

ColtsVikesFalconsSaintsTo me are all obvious upset possibilities...(which I wouldnt be surprised to see them all "upset")But I will go with one that may not be so obvious - RAVENS!

here are the games, with the las vegas favorites:COWBOYS over falcons
Atlanta is an underdog to the COWBOYS? hahahahahahahaha ok I pick Atlanta to "upset" dallas. I guess the oddsmakers really fear the carter/hambrick/glenn trifecta.
If I can only have one, it will be the Patriots over Buffalo_Others I like are the Rams over the Giants and the Colts over the Brownies.


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