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Week 10 DB Returners (1 Viewer)


1. Q. Demps (PHI) 8KR 220yds.....No other IDP stats2. A. Rossum (SF) 4KR 186yds TD, 2PR 12yds.....No other IDP stats3. W. Blackmon (GB) 3KR 65yds, 2PR 75yds TD.....No other IDP stats4. L. McKelvin (BUF) 3KR 138yds.....No other IDP stats5. C.Carr (TEN) 2KR 46yds, 4PR 43yds.....1 Solo6. J. Wilson (SEA) 2KR 66yds.....2 Solo7. C. Gordon (MIN) 1KR 19yds, 2PR 19yds.....1 Solo8. A. Cromartie (SD) 1KR 26yds.....10 Solo, 1 Assist9. E. Hobbs (NE) 1KR 13yds.....1 Solo, 1 PD, 1 INT10. J. Wade (STL) 1KR 11yds.....No other IDP stats11. K. Ratliff (IND) 1PR 3yds.....6 Solo, 2 Assist, 1 PD, 1 INT
I am sure many people have already seen this but KR/PR Charles Gordon is gone for the year after suffering a pretty gruesome looking injury on Sunday.

Vikings cornerback Charles Gordon will have surgery as soon as possible to repair a badly injured left ankle that will sideline him the rest of the season.

But he plans to be ready to play next season and will be 100 percent, his agent said.

Gordon suffered a broken fibula, a dislocated ankle and ligament damage Sunday against Green Bay. He was placed on injured reserve on Monday.

Agent Kenny Zuckerman said he doesn't have a specific timetable for Gordon's recovery, but that "he's going to come back 100 percent."

"I know he'll be ready for next season. It's a tough way to go out. He was having a great season."

Gordon excelled in his role as the nickel back and was the Vikings' primary punt returner. He will become a restricted free agent in the offseason.

Gordon was injured when he was tackled on a punt return. Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop fell on Gordon, twisting his ankle on the turf in gruesome fashion.

Gordon had 22 tackles and one interception in nine games this season.

Cornerback Benny Sapp is first in line to take over the nickel-back role, said Vikings coach Brad Childress, who praised Sapp's play on special teams against the Packers.

Aundrae Allison is the front-runner to return punts in place of Gordon, but the Vikings also might look at Bobby Wade, who held the job last season, and Bernard Berrian.
Keep an eye on Allison, Wade or Berrian to pick up the returns.

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