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Week 10 RB help (1 Viewer)



I need some advice setting my RB lineup this this week.  For context, here is my basic league info and current roster.

ESPN 1/2-pt PPR league; 1QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE FLEX, 1 PK, 1 DST (10 position active roster)

My "set" roster: Mariota (QB), M. Thomas, T. Hill, T. Lockett (WR), OJ Howard (TE), T. Boyd (FLEX), W. Lutz (PK), CHI (DST)  (I have no better QB to choose from on WW this week, we have some teams that have hogged QBs and carry 3 of them, while my starting QB is Des. Watson on bye).

My quandary is which 2 RBs to play of the four I have "available": A. Peterson, J. Richard, A. Ekeler, S. Ware.  My fifth RB is D. Cook, held faithfully since the draft, and finally looking to produce, just not this week.

I am inclined to go with Ware and Ekeler, which goes against estimated points, but make sense to me from a game script and usage standpoint.  Both teams are expected to get ahead early on their opponents and hold a steady lead, and both have "garbage time" appeal as well as some record of stand alone value.

AP seems like he has a good matchup this week (as shown by estimated points on many sites) but I look at the tissue paper WAS offensive line and the ability of TB to get ahead quickly and stay more than 1TD ahead of WAS, which would gamescript AP right out of the equation.  Maybe I am wrong but a few times this season, even with the fully healthy WAS offensive line, game script turned AP into a dud.  I really think that will happen this week.

Richard will get tons of work I am sure, but he's going to be getting short passes that I am not sure he can turn into big gains or scores.  He might very well catch 10-12 passes in the game, good for 5 or 6 points in 1/2 PPR, but I'm not comfortable with his ability to score against LAC defense or make a lot of YAC points.

So, I ask for advice from you more experienced footballguys on the forum.  Which two of my four RBs would you roster this week?


This is tougher than it looks at first glance.  I agree with Ekeler--I think he's a definite start this week.  As for your 2nd RB...my inital thought was AP.  Despite the O Line issues he's still capable of goal line work, or busting a big run or screen pass.  But the line is really decimated, so that gives me a little pause.

I don't trust the Raiders offense any more than I do the Washington O Line, and Richard is not as capable as AP of creating something on his own.  So IMO, AP>Richard this week.

That leaves Ware.  Regardless of the game script, Reid gets Ware involved in almost every 3rd down and 2 minute drill.  Plus he gets garbage time touches to spell Hunt.  The problem is, he's only getting 3 or so carries per game.  You have to rely on his receiving to have any value, and with the other receiving options on that team I have trouble trusting him.

I think I'd still go with AP, with Ware being a close second.  If you are dead set against AP I understand and I don't think playing Ware over him is as crazy as it might sound.  I just think AP will do more since he'll get more volume than Ware.

Good luck!  Please see mine if you have a minute:  


As already mentioned Ekeler has stand alone value in close games and in blow outs might get more usage so he is an easy choice. 

I know that  Was O-line is in bad shape but they still want to utilize AP and run the ball.  I don't think that will change and he has the best opportunity for a floor of touches.  I don't see the same for Ware. So I would fairly easily go with AP over Ware.

Richard could be in line for a ton of touches - and really that is what you want to go for.  Without touches you can't do anything.  So for me the touches Richard should be in line for (especially with a dinged Martin) I think I lean to Richard over AP - but it is very close. 

For the second spot it really boils down to Richard vs AP and I could be talked into either.   Ware is a distant last resort choice in my eyes. 

Peterson should be a lock. I know he's coming off a down week and lost most of his o-line, but his volume is so much higher than these other guys.

I'd lean Ekeler at the 2nd spot.


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