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Week 11 Severe Weather Warning in the Midwest for Sunday (1 Viewer)


If anyone has checked the weather for this weekend or the weather channel, the midwest is predicted to get hammered with heavy rain and high winds.


How are you adjusting your lineup and/or spot starts this weekend as a result??

Is anyone thinking that the passing and kicking game takes a huge downgrade. Defenses and the running game get an upgrade?

I am forced to pick up a waiver wire QB this week. I have McCown in my line-up right now but I am considering switching him out for Palmer, E. Manning, or Tannehill based on the weather.

Anyone worrying about this?

It seems that when a weather thread has been posted in the past that it never paned out so I wouldn't sit anyone unless you have some weak armed QB who withers if he faces a headwind like Andy Dalton.

Sit Chi/Bal players.

Check Pit weather before game. Its right at a point where you would want to sit players.

All others ok.

Edit - Cincy looks bad also.

Crap. Move to Fantasy Basketball instead. LOL

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In the past these weather condition reports come up like a storm of the century is brewing..

And in the end it has no/little bearing on the fantasy players.

Only thing I would look at checking is kickers in these games.

Last week, several Bengals and Ravens beat writers were Tweeting about how awful the wind was in Baltimore. Passes fluttering, kickers really struggling in pregame, that sort of thing. While Nugent's missed FG may have been impacted by the wind Tucker had a good day and Dalton and Flacco threw 2 TDs apiece. Dalton's Hail Mary TD to Green certainly wasn't impacted by the wind.

Not saying things won't be bad in Chicago. I have no idea. But we've all seen plenty of examples where the horrors expected weather wise before a game didn't negatively impact the production on the field.

this morning they were saying high winds tomorrow in chicago and up to 40 mph gusts, which would make some kind of sense since it's supposed to pop up something like 20 degrees then drop back down that night.

but, as always, check closer to gametime.

Well, the CHI weather might be a tipping point for me in whether to bench Alshon or Keenen Allen. I have Jordan Cameron as well, but don't have any other TE option. Maybe a short TD or two can work out for him.


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