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Week 12 Rams vs Chiefs clone: Saints vs Falcons o/u 59 1/2 (1 Viewer)


Vegas projects Saints by two TDs.  Projected team total Saints 38 Falcons 21.  Go the over this could end up being a 42-28 game.  When these two divisional teams squared off in week 3 it was Saints 43 Falcons 37.  Of course start all studs but players like TreQuan Smith, Ben Watson, Ridley, Austin Hooper, Sanu, T. Coleman, Ito Smith needs to be in lineups.  GO!

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Gonna be fun. Defenses are usually hurting on short rest, so agreed the over is likely.
The Saints got some of their starters some rest in the fourth quarter vs. Philly. Hoping that helps a little bit, but yeah -- those four-day turnarounds..


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