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Week 13 DB Returners (1 Viewer)


1. C. Carr (TEN) 3KR 95yds, 6PR 49yds.....2 Solo2. D. Manning (CHI) 5KR 138yds.....3 Solo3. J. Wilson (SEA) 6KR 130yds.....1 Solo4. J. Miller (OAK) 5KR 130yds.....No other IDP stats5. W. Blackmon (GB) 4KR 85yds, 3PR 23yds.....No other IDP stats6. Q. Demps (PHI) 4KR 97yds.....3 Solo, 1 PD7. E. Hobbs (NE) 4KR 91yds.....3 Solo, 4 Assist, 1 PD8. B. Witherspoon (JAC) 2KR 52yds.....No other IDP stats9. L. McKelvin (BUF) 1KR 37yds.....2 Solo10. O. Scandrick (DAL) 1KR 25yds.....6 Solo, 1 PD11. N. Clements (SF) 1PR 3yds.....6 Solo12. K. Ratliff (IND) 2PR 0yds.....No other IDP stats
Good to see Chris Carr resume duties and making an impression in punts as well as kick returns.

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