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Week 13 Game Thread - Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles (1 Viewer)

Roderick Hood-DB- Cardinals Nov. 27 - 7:15 pm et

Cardinals declared CB Roderick Hood, QB Brian St. Pierre, LB Clark Haggans, T Brandon Keith, DT Alan Branch, WR Early Doucet and TE Jerame Tuman inactive for Week 13 against the Eagles.

Hood's absence will make life easier on the Eagles' passing game, because he's the Cardinals' top cornerback and will be replaced by Ralph Brown and Eric Green.


my prediction...

McNabb comes out firing, keeping it close in a high scoring first half. Eventually though, the lack of a rushing game and a tired D will do the Eagles in. 'Zona wins 34-30

arizona is 0-3 this year playing on the east coast

i see the eagles and don playing well enough to win a shootout(i hope so at least as im starting D.Jackson and westy :unsure: )

Inactives per KFFL:

Eagles | Week 13 Inactives

Thu, 27 Nov 2008 16:22:40 -0800

The Philadelphia Eagles have declared QB A.J. Feeley, CB Asante Samuel, TE Brent Celek, DL Bryan Smith, RB Correll Buckhalter, LB Joe Mays, OL Mike McGlynn, OG Shawn Andrews inactive for Week 13.

Cardinals | Week 13 Inactives

Thu, 27 Nov 2008 16:20:24 -0800

The Arizona Cardinals have declared DL Alan Branch, OT Brandon Keith, QB Brian St. Pierre, LB Clark Haggans, WR Early Doucet, TE Jerame Tuman, CB Roderick Hood inactive for Week 13.

pre game crew on NFLN is getting heckled like crazy right now :unsure: Every time Deion starts talking a few guys start shouting "BOOOOOORING, BOOOOOOORING"

Man that was a quick 1st qtr.

Of note, was I the only one that noticed the mess the National Anthem was? Seriously, if you're selected to go sing the Star Spangled Banner for an NFL game on national TV, you might want to learn the words.

I've been screwing up my roster and going with the wrong guy all season.

Westbrook is making up for it all with one great quarter.

Now, if only Bush is this kind of questionable this weekend, i'm set

OMG why is Arizona on Thanksgiving night? They should never let them play on Thanksgiving night again, OMG what a joke. OMG!


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