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Week 13 Game Thread - Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings (1 Viewer)

Jeff Pasquino


Will the ground game be the Bears' Forte?

Or will he run into a Purple Wall?

Any good Cran-Berri-ans left over?

Will this go All Day?

Enjoy the battle for the NFC North....


Bears: RB Kevin Jones, FB Jason McKie, G Terrence Metcalf, DT Matt Toeaina, WR Brandon Rideau, WR Marty Booker, DE Ervin Baldwin.

Vikings: RB Maurice Hicks, TE Garrett Mills, LB Dontarrious Thomas, DE Otis Grigsby, T Artis Hicks, WR Aundrae Allison, DT Letroy Guion.

No one cares I know BUT we need the Bears ground game to be their Forte AND have this go ALL DAY :rolleyes:

Peterson reaches the line so fast that he gets caught behind his blockers before they can fully open up the hole for him.

Awful pass by Frerotte on 3rd and 9. Interestingly, Peterson was still in the game. Looks like Peterson is going to be bottled up until the Vikings can threaten with the pass.

That spot it wrong....it is where the ball initially touched.

If it gets batted back...the returner can pick it up and return it with no worse chance. As in, if they get tackled behind that initial bat of the ball...it gets put back to that spot....if they return it all the way its a TD.

Idiot special teams play gets reviewed and goes Chicago's way. I can't believe how often that happens. There was no need at all to slide like he did because the ball wasn't moving.


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