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Week 14 DB Returners (1 Viewer)


1. J. Miller (OAK) 6KR 174yds TD.....No other IDP stats2 . J. Wilson (SEA) 6KR 122yds.....6 Solo, 1 PD3. C. Carr (TEN) 3KR 69yds, 2PR 44yds.....1 Solo, 1 Assist4. E. Hobbs (NE) 3KR 97yds.....1 Solo5. B. Witherspoon (JAC) 4KR 82yds, 2PR 2yds.....3 Solo6. W. Blackmon (GB) 4KR 73yds, 2PR 8yds.....5 Solo, 1 Assist7. D. Manning (CHI) 3KR 81yds.....3 Solo8. L. McKelvin (BUF) 2KR 56yds.....2 Solo, 1 Assist9. J. Leonhard (BAL) 2KR 37yds, 2PR 4yds.....4 Solo, 2 PD10. Q. Demps (PHI) 1KR 19yds.....2 Solo, 1 Assist11. A. Jones (DAL) 2PR 3yds.....1 Solo, 1 PD12. K. Ratliff (IND) 1PR 0yds.....2 Solo
No notable injuries or role changes to report. Pacman resumes PR duty but fantasy value is minimal. Many of the key return guys were simply limited by opportunity this week.

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