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Week 15 Playoff Help (1 Viewer)

Wise Simpleton

FBG community- thank you so much. This has been my best fantasy year to date. I'm still going in 5 of my 6 leagues (in the semi finals in 4 leagues and in a 2 week championship in 1 league). And you have been a huge reason for that success. 

Here are 4 lineup questions for you: 

1) Need 1 WR (1 pt ppr)-  corey davis, tyler lockett, dede westbrook, and robby anderson 

2) Need 1 rb AND 1 flex (1 pt ppr) - David Johnson, Stefon Diggs, and Dalvin Cook (so I could do 2 rb's or a combo of Diggs and 1 rb)  

3) need 2 WR's (0.5 ppr) - corey davis, allen robinson, tyler lockett, and robby anderson

4) need 1 rb (0.5 ppr) - mark ingram, chris carson, or james white 


Cook, Johnson

Lockett, Robinson

Carson(I'm shocked I'm the only one who picked him, felt this was the easiest call)


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