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Week 16: Kenny Golladay (1 Viewer)


What are people expecting from one of the most inconsistent WRs in the game? His stats this year look like a sine curve! (math nerd joke).

Stafford will probably be sacked 4-6x (surely not 10x again!) and who knows: he may not even get up after one of them!

What can we expect from a defensive perspective? The Vikings are highly ranked, have not given up many yards and/or points recently, no injuries in the secondary as of Thursday AM.

Tough sledding for Golladay this week. He'll be shadowed by an elite CB in Xavier Rhodes and probably be in bracket coverage as the rest of the WR/TE crew are street free agent caliber. Vikings should get a lot of pressure/sacks on Stafford too with a strong defensive line. Stafford will force some targets Golladay still. He went up against elite corner Patrick Peterson two weeks ago and posted 2 rec for 5 yds. Rams did a good job on him too going 3 rec for 50 yds. He'll probably put up a stat line inbetween there and closer to the Rams game. Bills defense isn't that good and I'd write off his big game last week as feasting on a lesser defense.

I have him in right now, over Robinson and Godwin.  He’s going to get targets, so you just have to cross your fingers that he can make a couple big plays out of them.  He’s the type who only needs a couple of grabs to have a good fantasy day.  That being said, I wish I had better choices.


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