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Week 16 or Week 17 Championship? (1 Viewer)

When is your most important league's Championship?

  • Week 16

    Votes: 29 78.4%
  • Week 17

    Votes: 8 21.6%

  • Total voters
We play in a 8 team league where you play everyone twice (14 games) and a 3 week playoff where the top 6 play with top 2 getting a bye. Not a perfect system but we do reward regular season results slightly more than postseason, so that week 17 is not quite as big a thing.

I’m in 2 money leagues, both that need a 14 game regular season for a balanced schedule. We added a doubleheader week in one this year to get a week 16 championship and are planning to do the same in the other next year.

Week 17. Play in a few leagues and this is the only week 17 title game. Adds another level of strategy, with the game during the holiday season, a little extra effort is not a problem 

the champs usually have a decent story of how they won with a 5 string so and so

Most important league - week 17, it's been that way for 15 years. Tried to change it a few years ago, vote didn't go through. Plus it's 32 teams and I think scheduling was less desirable through the regular season if we cut it down.

Every other league is week 16.

It’s been week 17 since the league started in 1996.

Some guys like because it’s not like any other league they play in

Some guys hate it

Our league doesn’t allow free agent pick ups after the playoffs start so definitely have to make sure you have depth. We have 12 bench spots, so it’s not a problem for most owners


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