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Week 17 Survivor (1 Viewer)


This is the last week and there are six players left. Atlanta is home against St. Louis and something to play for. Baltimore is home against Jax & goes home if they lose. Then there is whoever is playing Detroit, Green Bay at home. All three are available.

My initial thought is that Baltimore needs it the most.

Thoughts? :lmao:

While I don't think Detroit will win, Green Bay has just enough "choke" in them to make me think twice about using them in a survivor.

I think Atlanta, also at home, gunning for the division against a team that wanted this season to end 10 weeks ago, is the play here.

In this order, I'd go with Green Bay, Atlanta, then Baltimore.

Detroit has nothing left at all. That team is completely dead. Put an utterly demoralized team in the cold in Green Bay on the last Sunday of the year, and I say Green Bay wins big.

Atlanta ought to crush the Rams, but every once in a while the Rams play a little bit better out of nowhere.

Jax still has talent and Baltimore's offense can be suspect, so this game is the closest in my mind of them all.

Atlanta by a mile!

They are at home against one of the weakest teams and have something to play for.

Baltimore next, though their game can be meaningless depending on the early games.

Green Bay looks good but you never know.

So, who did you go with? Were you influenced by all the "good postings" above, or did you go with Green Bay like I suggested?


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