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Week 2 defense (1 Viewer)

Which of these players will put up the most points this week?

  • charles grant vs nyg

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  • mike peterson vs indy

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  • derrick johnson vs oak

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  • dan morgan vs ne

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I have to start 3 defensive players each week. My points are as follows; 1pt every tackle, pass defended3pts for every sack, forced fumble, fumble recovery, and interceptionThere are a few guys on the waiver wire i can get instead of the players listed above. Lemar marshall/wasodell thurman/cingary brackett/indcourtney watson/nowhat do you think? I will reply to your question. THanks :shock:

Nobody has a crystal ball, so you can flip a coin. Out of your list, I'd start the three LBs without hesitation. Also, I'm surprised O. Thurmann is on the waiver wire. Looks like he's the real deal. You may want to grab him.

I am serious as a heart attack here. Drop Dan Morgan now. With his proclivity for injuries, losing Kris Jenkins is only going to ensure that the injury happens sooner rather than later. yes, you will miss out on a couple of 10 tackle weeks, but grab Thurman now while you can.

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I am in a similar position in that I am deciding whether or not to use Charles Grant this week. Will Smith racked up the totasls last week and Grnat had a very pedestrian effort. I am 99% sure I am benching Grnat and starting Kampman and Abraham...I just have a few reservations about Abraham being in his first full game back from the holdout.


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