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Week #2 - Upset of the Week (1 Viewer)


----- For the first week of the season, it was an exceptional week for upsets. There were 5 games that the dogs prevailed. The Browns beat the Ravens. The Jags beat the Bills. The Lions beat the Bears. The Chargers beat the Texans and the Packers beat the Panthers.----- The Footballguy standout for the week had to be "nimsowner." He was the only person to have the Brownies beating the Ravens. Well done, nimsowner.----- huskers007, ZerODawg, Aquarius the Water Bearer, Qballer, Wadsworth, Keith R, Nomad, GrOOvus, Spladow, Bovine Swami, domer, Weapon of Mass Instruction, favrefan1062, and cosjobs all had the Jags beating the Bills.You guys are good.----- NFZ, Jazzman, TwinTurbo, Sinrman, waylander, Hendo, HookEm, JohnDoe, Saint, St. Louis Bob, nerangers, daanswr4, Iggles, Fairwarning, seahawk17, The Man Who Met Andy Griffith, Hear-The-Footsteps, meeka, PhinsFan, WhoDat, Village Idiot, TOTC, and bryhamm all had the Lions beating the Bears. Excellent!!!----- BoltzFan, rzrback77, Paranoia, Elway Lives, Hogeboom, LoneWolf, Gold Plated Nails, and intrinsic picked the Chargers over the Texans. A good pick!----- PlebsforPresident, piratemike, brymun2003, Monarch, Wilked, Rush, villa, RepressedDennis, Tony the Tiger, Cheesehead, Steve the Pict, Crippler, faede, and ChazMcNulty all had the Packers over the Panthers. Well done.----- Well, we started out the year with a great showing. Many of you FootBallGuys know a lot about the game and it is proven by the number correct picks we had. Hopefully, we will be just as successful in week #2. Here are this week's games and how they are rated. HOME teams are in CAPS.broncos over the JAGSRAVENS over the steelersLIONS over the texansTITANS over the coltsPACKERS over the bearsredskins over the GIANTSSAINTS over the 49ersFALCONS over the ramsCHIEFS over the panthersBUCCS over the seahawks ""' see belowCOWBOYS over the brownspatriots over the CARDSRAIDERS over the billsjets over the CHARGERSBENGALS over the dolphinsEAGLES over the vikings""" when i got my info early in the week, Vegas had the Buccs a slight fav, but since then it has changed. It's too late to change it now. The Buccs are playing at home so let's keep it as written. this will probably happen every once in a while as i try to get the info out to you early in the week.

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GIANTS over the Skins.... they always seem to play at each other's level no matter how good or bad they both may be... (minus that 55-0 blowout a couple years ago :P )Edited: speeling mistayk

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Call me crazy...and I may even call myself crazy, but i'm going with the CARDS.The patriots streak has to end somewhere, why not in the 100 degree heat?

GIANTS over the Skins.... they always seem to play at each other's level no matter how good or bad they both may be... (minus that 55-0 blowout a couple years ago :P )Edited: speeling mistayk
I think this game may be closer to the 55-0 blow out with the skins in a cakewalk.My upset: Seatle Seahawks. But TB, especially their D, will look good.
Colts all the way baby. They are going to be pissed and looking to prove they will not fold again this year. And the way they ran the ball against NE showed me something. The Titans didn't show a whole lot in Week 1 against a not very good Miami team.

Homer pick here, I'll admit, but I am going with Pittsburgh over Baltimore. I predict a very low-scoring game, but I think the Steelers' run D is on a par with Baltimore's this season. Neither team will be able to move the ball very effectively on the ground. I like the Steelers' passing game better than Baltimore's. Pittsburgh is going to be vulnerable on defense this year to teams with accurate quarterbacks and a good vertical passing attack (only way the Raiders were able to get back in the game last week.) Boller doesn't frighten me at all. I like the Steelers in a close one, 14-13.Before you blast this as a homer pick, look at the trends - look at Cowher's record vs. the AFC North, vs. Billick, vs. the Ravens, etc. Even last year, when Baltimore finished 4 games ahead of Pittsburgh in the division, the Steelers won one of their meetings by 19 points, I believe, and took the other to overtime.

Tougher week to pick.

Ill take the Colts over the Titans

I also like Cleveland over Dallas, Texans over Detroit, and Rams over Atlanta.

Went 13-3 last week.

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There were 5 dog wins last week and there will be five more this week:seattle buffalost.louistexansand pittsburgh

Tomur2, just a clarification....are we going by your list???Seattle is not an underdog this week....at least not from what I been looking at. They are a three point favorite.If we care still taking them as an underdog, I am changing my pick.Seattle 3 37 at Tampa Bay


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