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Week 3 DB Returners (1 Viewer)


1. E. Hobbs (NE) 6 KR 237yds, …..3 Solo, 1 Assist2. L. McKelvin (BUF) – 5 KR 137yds…..No other IDP stats3. BJ Sams (KC) -  6 KR 109yds, 3PR 14yds …..No other IDP stats4. C. Carr (TEN) 4 KR 98yds, 2 PR 15yds…..No other IDP stats5. A. Rossum (SF) 3 KR 71yds, 3 PR 38yds…..No other IDP stats6. D. Manning (CHI) 4 KR 108yds, …..4 Solo, 1 PD7. J. Wilson (SEA) 4 KR 93yds, …..7 Solo8. W. Blackmon (GB) 5 KR 79yds, 2 PR 12yds, …..4 Solo9. J. Leonard (BAL) 3 KR 78yds…..2 Solo, 1 Sack, 1 PD10. Q. Demps (PHI) 2 KR 58yds…..No other IDP stats11. B. Witherspoon (JAC) 2 KR 47yds…..No other IDP stats12. N. Vasher (CHI) 3 PR 25yds…..4 Solo, 2 PD 1 INT13. A. Jones (DAL) 3 PR 15yds…..6 Solo, 2 Assist, 1 PD
A few thoughts:

As others have said, it looks gloomy for McGee. Yes, he was questionable for this game so perhaps the coaching staff wanted to reduce his role so perhaps its not permanent. I wouldn't have been so worried if McKelvin hadn't done such a good job - avg of 27yds and a long of 56yds isn't too shabby.

Adam Jones led the team in tackle numbers this week so in games where more punts are fielded to the Cowboys he will have some great numbers.

Wilson and Blackmon both look like starters now in leagues with at least 1 point per 20yd returning. FWIW, I started Blackmon this week and picked up 11pts, which is as good as I could expect from any DB.

Manning may be worth starting as well while Hester is out in Chicago.

Is anyone starting WR's or RB's in part because of their return numbers? DeSean Jackson and Jonathan Stewart are almost every week starters for me now as their return yards bolster their numbers a little.

Is Jim Leonhard a good pickup in IDP leagues with return yards? Is he the starting KR or is it Figurs? He is now starting for Landry for a few weeks, maybe more.

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Sep 22 Jamison Hensley, of The Baltimore Sun, reports Baltimore Ravens WR Yamon Figurs (hamstring) was held out of the team's Week 3 game as a precaution. He will return kicks and punts Week 4.

News over in the Shark Pool is that Roscoe Parrish is going to be out 4-6 weeks with an injury. If McKelvin takes over punt returns as well, and keeps returning kicks, he may be worth starting even if he doesn't see too many defensive snaps.

McKelvin didn't show good judgment in the preseason regarding when to/not to field a punt. i wonder if they'll throw him out there or go with someone like Fred Jackson.


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