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Week 3 Game Thread - NY Jets at SD Chargers (1 Viewer)


Jets - QB Brett Ratliff, QB Erik Ainge, K Mike Nugent, P Reggie Hodges, WR David Clowney, CB Justin Miller, T Robert Turner, DT Kareem Brown

Chargers - QB Charlie Whitehurst, CB DeJuan Tribble, LB Anthony Waters, C Nick Hardwick, G Kynan Forney, T Corey Clark, TE Kris Wilson, DT Brandon McKinney

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I'm 17 pts ahead and my opponent has Cotchery left- so long as he doesn't have a GREAT game, I'm good.

Other than that, I'm really kind of rooting for the Chargers tonight, which is weird for me because I've never been a Charger fan and I love Favre. But San Diego has had such bad luck in the first couple of games that I really feel for them, and would like to see them do something here for their fans.

This is great, I'm down by a lot but just not quite enough points to completely give up hope - only to see it slowly slip away minute by agonizing minute as the guys I need to do well don't do well enough. I love football.

Pick for the TD - this gets better all the time. #$#%@!

OK somebody else say something else you'll be reading nothing but my friggin rants and even I don't want that.

Rivers has looked pretty good on the last two plays. The bomb to Jackson was a perfect throw, just a great defensive play.

Good ol Vincent Jackson NOT fighting for the ball. Waiting for the spiral to fall into his arms vs going and getting it. :thumbsdown: Wasted big play.

I see the Jets are using the old tackle-by-running-into-someone-and-falling-down plan.
He has a TON of company. That's all the rage now.Sweet not even hearing Gates' named called (except once on the INT). :cry: wtf is a C Davis?
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What is with this huge intrusive black bar taking up the whole bottom of my screen? Most of it is just left blank, a complete waste of space. Didn't used to be this way. Has ESPN been doing this all season?

I need Jones and Gates to do well and all I hear are near-misses for otherwise big gains. This is worse than waterboarding.

Edit: and now the fumble. Sweet I have 2 supposedly good players and they have combined for -3 pts so far and the SD FULLBACK f-ing scores??

OK sorry, shutting up now. In fact doing anything else but listening to this POS game. Housework sounds fun compared to this.


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a> Kornheiser is awful. Worse than Thiesman, at least Thiesman played

b> This isnt' good football so far. Other than the lore that is Favre, and the Charger perception of the last couple years.

dunno if it is my TV or my head, but some of the angles looked blurred on TV. I doublechecked and i am sure my eyes aren't playing tricks on me.

i have HDTV.

are you seeing the same thing?

I guess a 40 year old QB and a scrub WR are different than Marshall and Cutler ;-)

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