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Week 3 WR waiver advice (1 Viewer)


PPR, 6 pt TDs with 10 point bonus for 100 yd. games and 5 point bonus for 50+ yard TD catch.

Have first shot at the waiver wire this week and my choices are Enunwa, John Brown, Keelan Cole and Marquise Goodwin. Any thoughts? Will be happy to answer yours in return.TY!

I would rank them Enuwa, Cole, Brown, Goodwin. 

Enuwa has 21 targets in two weeks.  Cole is dependent on Jax Rush game.  If Fournette is healthy, they're probably relying more on the run game and with the Strong D they're not having to throw a lot.  Although Bortles has more attempts than Darnold .  78 vs 62.  Cole has less targets than Enuwa.  12 vs 21. 


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