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Week 4 Bucs @ Bears (1 Viewer)

Trubisky with the keeper around the right side behind Burton.

Then play action Bucs corner falls down on his coverage of Burton who is wide open for the TD.

After a holding call on the Bucks Hicks gets the sack pushes them back.Dump pass to Brate on 3rd down and 22 does not get the first down.

I missed the previous Bears drive on offense, which must have been short lived.

Tarik Cohen with a nice run and a couple plays to Gabriel to give the defense other things to think about. 

TD to Robinson on a corner route. Nice throw by Trubisky.

Lots of game left, but this is GREAT to see, just keep getting better Mitch. This team may be the real deal and a contender.

Fitzmagic with a great throw to Jackson on a crossing route.

Peyton Barber with some blocking but he drops a swing pass and the Bucs have to settle for a FG.

No turnovers, but this feels a lot like the first half last week for the Bucs.  Oof!

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It’s hard to believe an nfl defense can be this bad. So many recent pro bowlers. McCoy, JPP, Grimes, Kwon and David. And they look like a college defense. 

Yeah, Trubisky/Nagy are picking apart this Bucs D in such a way that I haven't seen for a very long time. The Bucs secondary looks completely and utterly lost right now

Trubisky deserves some credit for his 4TDs in a quarter and a half, but something is very wrong with the Bucs D

I don't any QB but the very best of the best will do much against the Bears D, but it's time to let Winston have his shot

OMG, another beautiful bomb completed by Mitch, this is just sickening for Tampa now... And now a 30 yard run from Mitch to the one yard line

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Two QBs in the backfield for the Bears, another TD for Mitch. He may get 10 today! I can't believe what I'm watching from a Bears offense. 

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Trubisky ruins for good yardage against the man defense. Sets the Bears up with 3 yards to go.

Gabriel scores off the sweep.

writing was on the wall for howard after watching week 1 game verse green bay. The offense is much more dynamic when Cohen is on the field and today is the same story.

This is great long term news for Howard. Should make defensive coordinators think twice about stacking boxes.


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