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Week 8 Injury Thread (1 Viewer)

Maurile Tremblay

Staff member
The following players are questionable or doubtful heading into Sunday:

Sun 1:00 pm - Allen Robinson [Q] - WR, CHI - OUT
Sun 1:00 pm - Chris Thompson [Q] - RB, WAS - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Paul Richardson Jr [Q] - WR, WAS- Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Robby Anderson [D] - WR, NYJ - OUT

Sun 4:05 pm - Adam Vinatieri [Q] - PK, IND - Active
Sun 4:05 pm - Marlon Mack [Q] - RB, IND - Active
Sun 4:25 pm - Cooper Kupp [D] - WR, LAR - OUT
Sun 4:25 pm - Matt Breida [Q] - RB, SF - Active
Sun 4:25 pm - Phil Dawson [Q] - PK, ARI - Active
Sun 4:25 pm - Randall Cobb [Q] - WR, GB - Active

MNF - Josh Gordon [Q] - WR, NE
MNF - LeSean McCoy [Q] - RB, BUF
MNF - Rob Gronkowski [Q] - TE, NE
MNF - Sony Michel [D] - RB, NE

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was Njoku hurt today?

He didn't even have a single target
I remember one play in the second half where Mayfield threw a ball about 5 yards over his head in the end zone and then Njoku got smacked hard.  I think there was a penalty on the play negating the play/target.


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