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Week 8 key inactives, updated in first post (1 Viewer)

Anthony Borbely

Key week 8 inactives will be posted here. Good luck in your games this week.

Monday Night game

Indianapolis Colts: DB Bob Sanders, DB Kelvin Hayden

Tennessee Titans: DL Kyle Vanden Bosch

4pm games

Jacksonville Jaguars: No key inactives

Cleveland Browns: DB Mike Adams, DB Hamza Abdullah

Houston Texans: No key inactives

Cincinnati Bengals: No key inactives

Pittsburgh Steelers: No key inactives

New York Giants: DB Sam Madison, LB Gerris Wilkinson

San Francisco 49ers: DL Ray McDonald

Seattle Seahawks: No key inactives

1pm games

Washington Redskins: DB Shawn Springs, DB Chris Horton, DL Cornelius Griffin

Detroit Lions: DB Dwight Smith

Buffalo Bills: DB Ashton Youboty, DL Aaron Schobel

Miami Dolphins: No key inactives

Dallas Cowboys: DB Terrence Newman, LB Anthony Spencer

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: No key inactives

San Diego Chargers: No key inactives

New Orleans Saints: No key inactives

Baltimore Ravens: DB Samari Rolle, DB Chris McAlister, DB Dawan Landry

Oakland Raiders: DL Derrick Burgess

Carolina Panthers: No key inactives

Arizona Cardinals: No key inactives

Philadelphia Eagles: No key inactives

Atlanta Falcons: No key inactives

New York Jets: No key inactives

Kansas City Chiefs: No key inactives

New England Patriots: DB Lewis Sanders

St. Louis Rams: DB Tye Hill, DL Adam Carriker

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All inactives are up finally. For whatever reason, they were really slow everywhere getting the inactives posted.

Good luck today.

Surprised Horton is out.That's news - hadn't heard he was even questionable.
This is just my luck. I checked my DB's around 11 and Horton was probable and practiced fully on Friday, so I made the last minute decision to switch out Roman Harper for Horton.I know, :ptts: but that's still BS and could cost me this week.ETA: And Harper already has 4 solos in the first half.
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