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Week 9 help (1 Viewer)


I've probably been overthinking my options for week 9, but I'm having doubts if my lineup is the best one I can put together this week.  

Standard 10 team league

Currently Starting:

QB: Brees

WR: Thielen, Landry, Sutton

RB: Gordon, McCaffrey

TE: Kelce

K: Lutz

Flex: T.Cohen

DST: Min

On my bench I have

QB: Goff

WR: D-Jax, Gabrial, Amendola, C.Davis

RB: Ingram

Any suggestions would be appreciated

With Fitz back I would play D-Jax instead of Sutton.  Since it's a standard league I would play Ingram over Cohen.

Bench Gordo for Ingram, even if he does play he would be limited. And like Gally said, Desean over Sutton.


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