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weekly fantasy baseball leagues. (1 Viewer)


It has been some time since I played fantasy baseball. I am coming back to the game this summer, but instead of joining a normal league I am going to join weekly leagues on draftstreet or some site like this. Does anyone have any advice. Looking for any advice in one of three areas: salary cap league strategy, a good site for weekly projections, or two man head to head draft strategy. Thanks for any help you can give

There was a website a LOOOOOONNNNGGG time ago that I went to for weekly/salarycap info. No idea if it is even worth anything anymore. Rotoguru.com they have lots of guys on there that would dominate some of the salary cap sites back in the day. There was one that the sportingnews ran with like 2million people and as many as 80 out of the top 100 were registered through that site.

Salary cap leagues have really fallen off in popularity. They are a huge pain in the ### to manage. Gotta watch the schedule, the weather, the splits, all that crap. Only thing worse than that is salary cap basketball.


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