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What's up everybody the name is Terrance. I'm a new member here and I came to join a couple of leagues while at the same time looking for members to join mine.

Five Star Football Pool is in year 3 of operation and we normally keep things small. The last two years it was only family and friends that I know and we had 10members each season. Kept the odds better for everyone that way. This year I decided to try to expand a little with a goal of 15-20 members. So with 2 weeks until the season starts we are at 13 registered members with 2 guys deciding if they want to join. So I decided to branch out to the Internet to see if there was any interest. I know I'm new here and you don't know me from a hole in the wall but I'm strictly here to add a few guys to my pool. Here is the info.

Five Star Football Pool

Weekly Pickem w/ spreads

Entry fee: $50 (goes towards 1st and 2nd place prizes at end of season)

Weekly fee: $20 (all goes to winner on weekly basis...15members= $300 to weekly winner)

We are powered by superbrawl.com as they power the entire pickem system and standings etc. and we use PayPal to collect and pay out winners(best way to do weekly payments)


That is our website if you want to check it out and if you have any questions or interest feel free to hit me up at mrsemanas@yahoo.com and we can exchange text messages to quicker easier contact(will only give # to interested parties through email). Only 2 weeks to kickoff so hustle up. Also feel free to hit me up if you run a survivor pool as I'm looking to join one this season. Thanks in advance and to anyone interested cant wait to see you as a part of Five Star Football.

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