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Welcome to the Wireless Wonderland! 20 Round Draft ($60 Leagu (1 Viewer)


Would you like to never stop playing fantasy football? Me too.

Welcome to the Wireless Wonderland!

Whats the Wireless Wonderland? Well besides cheap, and lots of fun, more specifically, its a league with no waiver wire, no trading allowed (going to put trading to a vote before draf), and no player lock. This means you can add/drop whenever the hell you want, and that includes DURING games. Did you just see your starting RB roll an ankle? Someone else's starting QB get pancaked? First come first serve is in effect all year long. Not all season long, all YEAR long. 24/7/365. I could have called this the DIY league. To win, you have to do it yourself. Can you DIY?...

League settings taken from:
Deepen Your Starting Lineup, By Mike Clay
This will be the league bible for 2013. Below are a few key points of settings and rules.

  • Starting Lineup: 12 - 1 Quarterback, 3 Running Backs, 5 Wide Receivers, 2 Tight Ends, 1 QB/RB/WR/TE Flex
  • Scoring: Passing (4 pt/TD, -2 pt/INT, 1 pt/33 yards). Rushing/Receiving (1pt/10 yards, 6 pt/TD, 1pt PPR for RB/WR, 1.5 PPR for TE). Fumbles (-1pt each). Kick/Punt Return TD (6 pts each). Two-point conversion (2 pts). No kicker, no DSTs.
  • All money handled via Leaguesafe.com. $60 a person to make it interesting.
  • 2 keepers for 2014.
  • Smack talking highly encouraged.
  • No dead fish owners. Plan to interact or don't click the join link.
If you're interested:
Join Here: http://fantasy.nfl.c...eagueId=1567834
League Password: seahawks

To just check out the league front page: http://fantasy.nfl.com/league/1567834

Why nfl.com? Best free site for matching settings, others freebies couldn't do it. My first time there, seems real customize-able though.

Are you worried about two teams colluding and add/dropping in the middle of the night to stack one roster? Simple solution is, both managers caught doing so lose their $60 and are out of the league. It won't be hard to reset rosters and find someone else mid-season to take a free shot in a money league.

If you have any question reply here or email me at Kev5n24@gmail.com

In the spirit of this do it yourself be on the ball 24/7/365 league, we will be drafting soon after the league fills! Probably the weekend after.

Be Prepared, not Scared.

I want the most degenerate fantasy footballers out there for Wireless Wonderland!!!

The kind of losers that just can't stop no matter the month, nor time of day.
Come to the Wireless Wonderland, feed your addiction all year long,
without the DUI.
With 20 roster spots, and no bedtime, moves could be made at any news drop.
Think you know what the latest NFL headline means before anyone else?
Trash talk all year long!

Joined up. My interest will likely hinge on having player/pick trades (if planning to put to vote)

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I was thinking trading needed to be in there too. I mean obviously at first I wasn't,.. but for participation purposes its going to help a lot. Not sure how i'll have trades ruled fair or not yet though. Perhaps in the spirit of this first come first serve league we could have them approved or denied promptly, maybe an online vote calc or service,.. or commish approval. Join up and direct any ideas to the league msg board.


Boy oh boy, I've never had such a hard time filling a league. Is it the no waiver wire thing? A July thing? The degenerates reading this now are the folks i want in this league come on you guys! :)

I like the idea -- but would also want trading. And no Veto for the love of god.

What's your plan as far as retaining owners for the next year with payment and what not.

  • Owner retention (haha) should be there, if the league is cool, and I think it will be.
  • All money will be handled through leaguesafe, every year.
  • Trading has been turned on, see my post on the 11th.
  • At the moment I have it set to commish veto, I pretty much let everything fly if its helping both teams and doesn't seem like collusion. I figure if all goes competitively, maybe turn it off year 2, but I could put that to a vote for yr 1 if wanted.
  • I like an early trade deadline, so I set it for as soon as nfl.com allows, Nov 8th, that's just before week 10 games. I'd set it to week 9 if it let me.
  • I set the draft for 18 rounds not 20. Was doing some mocks, seen how deep 20' is to dive into, and I worry it'll slow some of the add/drop'in I'd like to see folks get into. Mike Clay recently did the same in his GoingDeep leagues for other reasons. 18 rounds no Kicker no DST is still crazy deep IMO.
See how hard I'm trying to make this league cool? haha,. 6 more should join up today so we can draft. I don't know if it'll fill in time this year, but I thought i'd be cool, maybe for next year, to draft before camps open, before FA get called. Really get into watching moves early.

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I'm thinking about joining this still -- just some food for thought/discussion. I was thinking about this when checking out Mike Clay's Going Deep scoring, and the QB scoring caught my eye. At only 4 pts per TD and 1 pt per 33 yards, I was feeling like QB might be a bit devalued, and wow, I was right.

My home league is 6 pts per TD, and 1 per 25 yards -- top QB, Drew Brees scored 472. He scores 289 in this format. Meanwhile AP scored 350 in both formats, Calvin scored 350 in both formats, and Graham scored 237, which goes to 279 in this scoring. I think the QB stabilization may have gone a bit too far, but maybe I need to check the #10 player for each position as well.

I think you might be missing the fact that the flex is a super-flex, QB/RB/WR/TE, so basically, its a 2 QB league. Factor in 12 more being needed, and they become pretty valuable again.

Only 2 spots remaining, and almost half have already paid their $60.
Who wants to draft deep next Sunday!! }:-)
11 owners paid in full
Next $60 takes final seat!
Email Kev5n24 at g mail for final invite!!
Sign up and pay, I will randomly generated draft order TONIGHT!
Live snake draft date: Sunday, Jul 28, 2013 at 11:00am PDT


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