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Well...who do I drop? (1 Viewer)


Dropped kicker in mad scramble to get Ware. 10 team TD heavy league, start 1 rb, we, te and 3 flex.

Rbs: Conner, Ware, David Johnson, Aaron Jones, Breida,  Lamar Miller, kerryon, josh allen 

TE: Brate and Olson

Leaning Olsen but even in 10 team it's slim Pickens. My RB is deep so leaning Adams or Kerryon as well. 

As long as its not a keeper league, I see no reason not to drop Kerryon. I wouldn't drop Olsen, in fact, I'd start him over Brate this week. 

What Travdogg said, Kerryon would have to go since he's injured & Olsen does have better upside than Brate since TB's pass defense is bad


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