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Wes Welker dropped in my league (1 Viewer)


Some genius dropped Wes Welker for Harry Douglas in my league. What kind of bid is it going to take to realistically get him? I have $997 left in WW $. I'm guessing at least $900

It is likely an error that will be corrected ... BUT the rules specifically state that the operators can keep a player dropped OUT of the free agent pool if the player would unduly change the play in a league. Seems like Welker in Week 2 would qualify for that

Someone in an FBG league bid $1,000 on Julius Thomas (early draft), if that gives you a rough idea.
Yea that was kind of a surprise.I was trying to pick him up so I would have more fire power when I played you.The way you scored last week I am going to need all the help I can get.

In the past these high stake leagues tend to remove those type of players out of the FA pool.

I'm surprised if they added him back to the actual teams roster. Usually these type of errors are not corrected after the fact.


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