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What are your league's prizes/payouts? (1 Viewer)


Here's what my league did this past year

$165 entry + $5 for transactions

1st Place - $1025

2nd Place - $350

3rd place - $100

NFL Playoff Contest - $50

Survivor Draft Champion - $25

Consolation Bracket Champion - $25

AFC Division Winner - $50

NFC Division Winner - $50

AFC #1 Wildcard Team - $25

AFC #2 Wildcard Team - $25

NFC #1 Wildcard Team - $25

NFC #2 Wildcard Team - $25

Regular Season Wins - $325 ($5 per win)

We all pay a fee to cover the website costs and the winner gets the leftover cash (less than $100 IIRC) to buy a trophy.

So none of us play for money. It's a matter of pride and bragging rights.

I'd rather have the cash than a trophy, to be honest, but that's just because a fantasy football trophy to me is as useless as <insert your cliche here>. If I win, I know I won and I'll remind everyone else that I won from time to time, so the trophy doesn't mean much to me.

Been in this league for 20 years now, the price has gone up over the years. We are now up to $400 entry fee (13 teams) and $10 per transaction (waiver or player traded). We play cumulative point total for the whole season with a weekly payout for high score.

Weekly high score wins $50

1st place usually wins about $4,000

2nd wins $1,000

3rd wins $400

Last place finish (lowest point total) has to pay an additional $100 loser fee.

in a league that i commish i take the top 3 finishers excluding myself to a sporting event.

basketball, football, etc.

makes coming in out of the money still worth making a push.


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