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What are your projections for Torry Holt (1 Viewer)

comfortably numb

This is what I have been waiting for with Holt. I bought him a couple of weeks ago thinking he could be a top WR from here on out.

9 vs Cardinals

10 at Jets

11 at 49ers

12 vs Bears

13 vs Dolphins

14 at Cardinals

15 vs Seahawks

16 vs 49ers

17 at Falcons

Granted I didn't think he would have been THIS bad weeks 1-8 but I am still gonna go out and say...

last 8 weeks for Holt will be

48rec 650yds 5tds

Wishful thinking??

Maybe, but his schedule is real easy and they are in contention for the division sitting in a tie for 2nd place as of today.

He is healthy, and as long as Bulger can be protected, I think the whole O will see improvement.

I don't think Holt's demise has been an indication of how bad Holt has diminished but rather the whole O being inconsistent.

Holt (47) still has more targets (and receptions) than Avery (33).

Avery (21rec)has just done more with receptions than Holt (26rec).

Holt 47T 26R 289Y 1TD

Avery 33T 21R 347Y 2TD

Sjax 33T 25R 259Y 0TD

Although the last 4 weeks, Holt has only been looked at 2 more times than Avery, I still think Holt will get the most looks the rest of the year.

Bottom line Holt is still seeing the ball coming his way, and I think the Rams will be a nice 2nd half team in the NFL, and we will see the benefits from a FF perspective.

What are your projections for Holt these last 8 weeks?


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