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What did you do wrong this year? (1 Viewer)

Overvalued the 'middle tier' TE's. and undervalued RB's. I'm in the championship game having to choose 2 of Sproles/Ellington/Mendenhall/Tate. I gambled on Cook in rd 6 this year, monster mistake. Could have had a huge impact player in that round. Next year, I would wait on TE's. Obviously after Graham/Gronk. There was way more value in late rd TE's this year for sure. ie Julius Thomas/Fleener/Reed who was prob undrafted everywhere. This format makes u want to reach for those middling TE's and in the end, they perform like average WR's on most weeks.

I do not regret however, taking Graham in rd 1 in 2 of my leagues.

So long story short. Draft Graham/Gronk early and wait on the rest.

Apparently I won too many games.
Yeah, whooping ### is my middle name. You get a chance to draft Drew Brees, you take him. Snag a few rookies. Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, all good choices. It's perfectly acceptable to not draft a Running Back and plug and play from waivers all year. You'd catch onto someone eventually.

Stacy, Rainey.

I had a nice year, but I would have done better had I not fell into the "RB-RB" hype. Regret reaching for S-Jax in 2nd after Forte and Reggie just went. Don't even want to look at who I passed on, but eventually I will!

I was stoked about how much I got Gresham, and he was largely a non-factor. Fred Davis was also a whiff. I listened to Dodds about Luke Stocker too.

I was also high on Dalton and Alex Smith. Alex Smith has been too volatile for my taste.

Also whiffed on Miles Austin.

RB injuries killed me (Foster, Tate) - that and mediocre QB's (Dalton, Romo). Great WR's though. Made playoffs, Championship round, but not enough.

RB-RB may/may not be the way to go, but the injury bug (and luck) is more the key than anything else.

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didnt roll with 1 defense, 3 weeks in a row we play match up and 3 weeks in a row starting D gave us a goose egg while bench D gave us 18-20pts

Did not pay enough attention to wide receivers. I had Amendola as my #1. Still had the best record in the league and just lost the championship, but I had to scramble on the waiver wire each week to make up for my WR weakness. Loading up on RBs is only good to a point, and I should remember that there are gems that will emerge during the season. Picked up #1 RB, #1 team defense, and top 5 QB during the draft, so footballguys rocks, but it would have been nice to have a top-tier WR to round it out.


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