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What do you need from the Monday Night game? (1 Viewer)


There should be a LOT of fantasy relevant players going tomorrow night!

I need Dallas Clark to score under 20 points in a PPR league.

How about everyone else?

For Manning & Wayne to show up and play ball big-time... Need that TEN D to be quiet as well, but the way IND has been playing as of late, I'm afraid...

The first time I will need something on MNF this year, and it's not going to be easy. He is up 10 points with Bo Scaife to play. I only have Tennessee DST. Doesn't look good for me, likely will result in my first loss of the year. Meh.

I can't believe I need anything. I went into the later games needing only like 30 points with J Fisher(we get 6 for a win), J Gage, Pitts defense, and Big Ben. Well needless to say I still need 23 points now going into tomorrow with only Fisher and Justin Gage. This same scenario pretty muched happened to me last weekend to. I am just unable to catch a break this year. After this week I will be 3-5 and I have the second highest points in the league only 25 below the number one guy.

Oh, just need 50-some-odd points from Manning and Bironas.

35/40, 450, 4 TDs and 3 FGs should do the trick.

I'm up 51pts right now , my opponent has manning , Wayne , Harrison , Clark. and i have cj3. here's to a low scoring game......

I need Rhodes and Wayne to put up at least 14 points in a non-PPR league. I'd say I've got at least a 60% chance of that right?

Two leagues decided - one up one down

Third league is a simple formula:

Bo Scaife's catches + yards + TD output > Tenn rushing yardage & no TD by White or CJ3 = I win.

Thanks to JTO, and then Kiwanuka's 3 sack / 1 FF day, I need Reggie and Peyton to hook a couple of times in the endzone

My 14 pt lead with Wayne / Keiaho vs Fatty / Gonzo / Rhodes

it'll be close

Up 6.30

Me CJ3/4.24


Opp Peyton

(1 pt per 10 rush, 25 passing, 6 pt rush/rec TDs, 4 pt passing TDs)

Come on LBJ!

down 31 pts. (6pt TD, 1/10 rush/rec. 1/50 pass. -1 pt int)

I got Manning and Johnson going. he's done.

not very optimistic.

I need a combined 32 points from Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne. The league gives a 2 point bonus for 40+ yard plays, so hopefully that will play into it.

LenDale <17 in a standard PPR. I'd say my chances are 50/50.

Nothing like sweating out the Monday Nighter.

I need a very good game from CJ3 - maybe he can tell Lendale he left some Fatburgers in the locker room just before the Titans get to the red zone.

For those of you keeping track of my team this year -

I am +22 after today.

I have Keiaho (1 per tack, 2 per sack, int, sfty, 6 per td)

He has Manning (3 pts at 250 yds, +1 each addl 25 yds, 6 per td, -1 per int) and VandenBosch (1 per tack, 2 per sack, int, sfty, 6 per td).

Assuming Keiaho and VDB are a wash, I need Manning to have less than 3 tds and 300 yds. My luck this year has been that tough matchups work in my opponents favor so I fully expect Peyton to set some sort of NFL single game scoring record tomorrow night.

The Titanic NOT to hit the iceburg.....Down by 20 and only have Freeney, while he has Manning and VandenBosch....I think I'll chalk this up as a L.... :moneybag:

I'm up 70, but I want CJ3 and Bironas to get 30 total so I can have the highest scoring week of the year (we get 50 dollars for having highest single week). PPR yahoo format

I need Lendale White to score less than 63 points...in which case I would win and go to 7-1.

Wait, this is the pinned bragging thread, isn't it??

In one league, I need about 45 from Reggie Wayne ( 10/180/3 should do it ). In another, I need Reggie to score < 8.

I don't like my chances in either case.

In order of increasing likelihood:

1. A Phillies Win!

2. Chris Johnson to score less than 23 points, no PPR.

3. Marlin Jackson to NOT outscore Scaife, Manning & Keiaho combined by more than 16 points with PPR.

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All I need is for Wayne and Rhodes to blow up, while at the same time the Ten def scores a couple of TDs (while pitching a shutout)

Not looking good. I'm nursing a 6 point lead. I have C. Johnson and Ten D/ST left to play. He has Addai/Rhodes (whoever starts), Wayne and D. Clark left. PPR.

two_dollars said:
There should be a LOT of fantasy relevant players going tomorrow night!I need Dallas Clark to score under 20 points in a PPR league.How about everyone else?
Clark under 32 in a PPR
I'm down by 10 with Chris Johnson left to go. Unfortunately, my opponent has Dominic Rhodes. So, I really need the TEN defence to completely shut Rhodes down both running and receiving and I need Chris Johnson to do what LenDale did last week. Not likely.

I need Cortland Finnegan to score less than 10.22 points. In our scoring system he averages 8.91 per game. Guess I just have to :lmao: and hope for the best.

Going into tonights game we are tied and my opponent has LBJ, Anthony Gonzales.

I have Titans defense, Reggie Wayne and Lendale White.


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