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What do you need on MNF? Week 12 edition (bonus Q: what's your playoff status?) (1 Viewer)


Week 12
2 v 9
win clinches a playoff spot
Down 12.37
He is done
I have George Pickens (11.16) and IND DST (11.38)
77% Win Probability

Whachagot? Whaddayaneed?


Playoff Picture
Our league is largely done, mostly jockeying for the bye and seeding

Top Two will come down to final week

1. Long time nemesis 10-2
2. BobbyLayne 8-3
3. Points Leader 8-4
4. 7-5
5. 7-5
6. 7-5

7. 6-6 (could win Total Points Tiebreaker if he catches one of the 7-5 teams, well behind the other two)
8. 5-7

Playing the 8th place team WK 13 and the points leader WK 14, doubtful I can get to 11-3 and the bye
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10 points from Pittman. Me and the guy I'm playing have the 2 highest scores for the week already. Only difference is he's already in the playoffs and I'm in with a win. So I really need this one.
Up 22. I am done, opponent has Pickens in PPR. One opponent has already beat me, so getting a split here is big (this league plays doubleheaders). I am 15-7 going into this week, in 3rd place, have almost 100% clinched a playoff spot, one game behind the 1st place team and equal with the 2nd place team (but behind in points tiebreaker). Both the 1st place and 2nd place teams are very likely going to lose both ends this week, so if I can get this split, I will move into 2nd place, in position for a bye week, and get JaMarr Chase back.
Down 17. I have JT and Pickens. He’s done. I thought I was done last night until Sanders went nuts against the horrific Packer D. That’s fantasy football. I’m 7-4 and this would lock up a playoff spot and give me a chance at a bye
Up 20 in standard.

She (!!) has Harris and Freiermuth -- gonna be close -

HATE not having a player Monday night when its close and all you can do is watch as your lead gets chipped away at --:mellow:
Only one game left that isn't decided. Down 10 but have Taylor and Friemuth in full PPR, so feeling pretty confident

A win will put me at 7-5 and tied for first in the division (12 teams, 3 divisions). Only 4 teams make the playoffs, so pretty much have to win the division to get in since I won't get the wildcard. Looking like it will come down to a head to head in week 14
I'm in like Flint as far as winning, but could use Taylor going off so a league mate can beat the guy directly in front of me.
I have the win locked up this week. I started 1-5. Now 7-5.

7/12 teams make our playoffs (1 bye) and I'm tied in a large block of 7-5's, behind either one or two teams, but I am either 1st or 2nd in points among the tied teams. So, pretty solid shot at playoffs unless I finish 0-2 -- and even then my points would give me a pretty decent shot at getting in. But I have essentially 0 chance at the bye.
I went back and forth at starting Siemian in my superflex when they kept messing with who’d start and ended up benching him for Corey Davis (net 10 point difference).

Now need ~26 from Freiermuth in PPR TE premium format. Not likely and I’m holding onto the last playoff spot by a thread. Will likely fall into a tie unless Muth saves me.
I don't "need" anything, but I'd like to see Najee put up 22 points so that the guy in 1st place loses and I assume my rightful position in the standings.
A must win in a big money league. Najee TD just crushed me and dropped me from 85% to 45%.

I'm down 2. Have Indy D + Pickens.
He has Harris.
A must win in a big money league. Najee TD just crushed me and dropped me from 85% to 45%.

I'm down 2. Have Indy D + Pickens.
He has Harris.

did you eek this one out?

I had Pickens + IND combo, barely got through (+3.83) to clinch a playoff spot

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