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What do you need on MNF? Week 5 edition (1 Viewer)


  1. survived a sweat
  2. comfortable sweat (thank you Diggs)
  3. got my *** kicked on Sunday
  4. overcame a 22.xx deficit with Jeff Wilson & 49ers DT v Stafford
Week 5 I need a glass of Merlot 🍷

High score of the week, first place, league the league in points, and leading the entire world in smoke n mirrors
8 from Mahomes to go 4-1
Already won, 3-2
Dropping to 3-2 unless Adams/Carr score 52 more than CEH (PPR at least)
Already won, 3-2
Already won, 5-0
To get out the bottle of Patron tequila. Getting my a$$ kicked in all 3 leagues. This will be the first MNF that I won't be sweating it out in one of my leagues.

But I will be sweating it out in the Subscriber Contest. I have 139, the current cut line is 131. Need a lower scoring game.
Need 17 in non-ppr from Waller. Felt pretty good going into last night needing 17 from Waller and Higgins, now expecting to lose, but hopeful.
Both standard scoring, 6 pts all TDs

1. Need 34 from Mahomes and Kelce to be highest scoring team of the week for $ (already won by 3 with a 0 from Higgins)
2. Need 60 from Mahomes, Adams, Kelce, Carlson
Should be a few points available between Mahomes, Kelce, the luckiest RB alive (CEH), Adams, Jacobs, and never say die Waller managers.

Renfrow back tonight? Probably very few starting him.

Hope it's an entertaining game. The NFL product has been suboptimal too much this year.
Had KC in my Survivor Pool, I managed to survive.

What a nail biter, gotta stop picking the MNF game

Still 3 of us left but I still have Buffalo in my back pocket and others

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