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What Do You Need on MNF? Week 8 edition (1 Viewer)


Besides an open roster spot for D'Ernest Johnson...

Up 42.02 with none left, Villain has Tyler Boyd - 98% win probability. 6-2 smoke n mirrors team.

Whachagot, whaddayaneed?
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Scary Stats:
  • The Bengals are 0-12 in their last 12 road primetime games.
  • Joe Burrow is 0-3 vs the Browns.
  • Tyler Boyd Career vs. #Browns : 10 games (5-5), 47 catches, 487 yards, 4 TDs, 10.4 YPC
  • Tee Higgins vs. Browns: 3 games (0-3), 14 catches, 184 yards, 1 TD, 13.1 YPC
  • Hayden Hurst vs. Browns: 4 games (2-2), 6 catches, 98 yards, 16.3 YPC
CLE player history vs CIN:
  • Brissett 1g 25-39 233 2-1
  • Chubb 6g 111-604-5 & 10-94-1
  • Hunt 5g 55-280-3 & 15-168-4
  • Cooper 2g 9-98-1
  • Peoples-Jones 2g 5-142-2
I only have 1 win to my name and it's a lost season, but this is the first monday night game where i actually have a chance, so let's go!

non-PPR, down 39.6 points. have Mixon, HIggins and Boyd in my starting lineup. nothing left on my opponent's roster. just need one of these guys to have a big night and the other two to be average.

i hate those stats @BobbyLayne ! Joe can go 0-4 as long as he throws 4 TD's to these two receivers. :D
I posted in the game thread but I need +12 tonight in PPR formats, 6 pts ALL TDs

MoP-Burrow vs Them-A.Cooper
Joe Burrow has 3 very strong showings this season with his last 2 weeks packing the stats, 92 points!
Cooper hit 20 in 3 games the first 5 weeks of the season but has been quieter in recent weeks.

I had AJBrown, they had Alvin Kamara
I had Pollard, they had Hopkins

176-164, 2RB/3WRs/TE/Flex...lotta points back and forth, both of us winning records trying to grab a piece of 1st.
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