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What draft spot would you pick? (1 Viewer)


I am able to choose any draft spot I would like in a 10-team redraft PPR. It is a typical snake draft, so I'm wondering what spot everyone would pick.

I'd say 3 or 4. Can't go wrong with Gurley Bell Zeke or David Johnson. Would guarantee you get one of them.

A lot would depend on what you know about the league members, how you want to draft (rbs early? Upside-down drafting? Etc) and if there is anyone in particular you are in love with. If you LOVE Gurley have to have him you need to go for the first pick. If you think the top 3 are interchangeable. Go 3rd. Top 5? 5th. That kind of thing.

I agree with the above reply.  If you don’t care which stud RB you get go with 4.  You Have a better chance of someone you want falling to you in the second, since you pick before slots 1,2,and 3.  If you only like 3, then go 3, etc.  Know your league’s scoring, in my  league last year, Gurley far outperformed the next RB.  If I think he is going to repeat that, then I go 1.

Another thing to consider is who you are targeting in round 3 or 4.  If you really want, say Gronk, but don’t want him in the second round, he could fall to you at the start of the 3rd round (ADP 18) with pick 21 (if you take slot 1), or 22 (if you take slot 2).  He probably won’t make it to pick 24 (if you take slot 4).  The same thought process can be applied if you are looking to get the top QB in rounds 3-5.

Personally, I don’t take TE or QB early unless one happens to fall to me.  I don’t care which of the top 4 RBs I get, but I would like to improve my chances of another top RB or a top WR falling to me (because someone did pull the trigger on a TE), so I would choose slot 4.  I can almost  guarantee that someone YOU had ranked higher than #17 will be there for you, but he won’t make it back a few more spots.

In a 10 team, I'd take the 3rd slot as I'm worried about the Dallas offense overall.

That will get you one of Bell, Johnson, or Gurley.  Then you also pick high in the 3rd round.

If you really like someone go as low as you can go and still be sure to get him.  If you like an end pick an end.  If you like the middle pick the middle.  This is all a personal preference situation.  I hate being in the middle so I will always choose an end if given the chance.  This year I am probably leaning towards #3/4 (in my 14 team league).  For a 10 team league I probably go #2 or 11.  I haven't thought about it for a 10 team league. 

I'd say #3, that way if there is an injury amongst Gurley, Elliott or Johnson you are safe (no reason to worry about a Bell injury because he won't be on the field).


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