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What happened to the IDP projections/rankings? (1 Viewer)


Hmm... no IDP rankings (dynasty or redraft), and no IDP players are showing up int he Top 250 Forward... any ideas?

The redraft rankings aren't likely to be updated after the season starts. You can find the final preseason rankings by adjusting the number of days the database looks back. Dynasty rankings are updated once monthly or so by some of us, though not all. You can search for the most recent by adjusting the number in the same way as you would the redraft rankings.

Forward projections (and rankings) are available as part of the Lineup Dominator.

From Doug Drinen:

When we enacted The Great IDP Position Reclassification of 08, some things changed in the guts of the MyFBG database. The upshot is that old profiles (i.e. those created last year and not altered since) are liable to see some weirdness on the IDP side.

Try this.

1. go into your 'FBG' profile and edit it.

2. Don't change anything, but just hit the submit button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Go to your custom top 200 and see if your guys appear.

This worked for me. Let me know if it doesn't do the trick.


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