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What happens when Hyde gets injured... (1 Viewer)


I was listening to OTC with Sigmund and Evan Silva and I believe Sig brought this up and I can truly attest to it.

As a 49ers fan I have always been fond of Hyde and his powerful running style, but he will get injured, especially in the hard hitting AFC North... It is the way he plays and he is not one to brush off and play through an injury, Many times I saw Hyde hurt his hand or ankle after a tough collision and signal to the bench to come out for the rest of the drive. Hyde got out pretty clean last year but there were still instances of this ^ throughout last year.

Once this happens it will open the door for Chubb to get more and more work, If Hyde comes down with anything significant or nagging Chubb will get a legitimate chance to produce along the lines of a Royce Freeman floor with gobbs of potential should Hyde miss significant time with anything (IMO) in what looks to be a producing Browns offense that gives a lot of GL carries. In a league where it is so hard to predict good volume and GL touches this year, Hyde has been blessed with the 2nd most rushes in the league.... and a ton of GL work. I do not wish Hyde any injuries as I really like him but he is amongst the most injury prone type players making Chubb one of those lotto tickets; this was obvious to most subscribers and 'advanced' fantasy owners early in the year, but I feel like everyone has gone away from the potential as we glide into midseason, as I have seen Chubb dropped in league after league I am in. 

At this point in the year I believe that Chubb is one of the only real lotto ticks left given the current state of the league.... I don't see a clearer path for another bench stash; remember Chubb has been learning and getting more and more acclimated to the offense and playbook as weeks go on. HE is only getting more valuable every week as it will take one play for his value to erupt.

Chubb was dropped in my 12-team PPR this week so as the Hyde owner I snagged him this morning.

30 minutes later a trade went through and I'm no longer the Hyde owner. But to your point, I still wanna try to keep space for him on my bench.

Hyde goes down.

Chubb owners high five.

Duke takes over.

Chubb owners go berserk.

IMO there's a reason Chubb is playing so few snaps, and it ain't because Hyde is the second coming of Jim Brown.


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