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What is the ideal position at LB or DB? (1 Viewer)


Afternoon fellas! :bye: Just having my morning coffee (lol, well morning for me) and reading the excellent posts......................... :goodposting: This forum certainly is a good read. I noticed there seems to be a trend of owners wishing for the Will LB over the Sam. I was wondering if this is the preferred position of the OLB.Is this true? If so, is it because the Will is more free to blitz and the Sam is locked in coverage with the TE? Just wondering if there was a point advantage to the Will LB................ :unsure: Also does it make a huge difference as to whether a DB plays Strong safety or Free Safety. Many of the owners in my league think the SS is the god of IDPs.Im not so sure as to me it would seem either u produce or u don't.Im really curious the input some of the owners would have into this and the LB theory.Love chatting with u folks, you sure makes things a heckuva lot easier in my league.Still cant believe i was a member of football guys for a couple years and didn't look into this forum.Best of luck to everyone in there opening games this weekend! :thumbup: Play it safe fellas!

There are a few threads discussing this. Use the "search" feature in the upper right.Generally, you want a Mike, Ike, or Will over a Sam, or a 3-4 OLB.Generally, you want a Safety over a Corner, although cover-2 corners can do quite well. SS usually over FS.There are teams that play sides rather than Strong/Weak and Strong/Free.

in general a lot of MLBs outproduce WLBs... but i would rather have derrick brooks than earl holmes.SS usually better than FS... but i would rather have bob sanders than tebucky jones... & CB antoine winfield may be better than sanders even.in the end, if you have the ability to do so, there is no substitute for looking at things on case by case basis (or ask, that is what the board is for)... some positional knowledge can be very helpful... it is tough for SLB (SAM) to do well... marcus washington was one of few to succeed last season, & even he barely cracked top 20 in some systems. DT rarely better than DE, but there are a few studs like kevin williams & rod coleman. positional knowledge can be a very handy tool when wielded judiciously, but can be blunted if used without care.

All of these have a few exceptions based on individual players, but...1. MLB (4-3)2 [tie]. ILB (3-4), WLB (4-3)3. SLB (4-3)4. OLB (3-4)Note 1: LBs on teams with good D-lines do much better than LBs on teams with bad D-lines, beacuse the D-line eats up the blockers and leaves the LBs free to make plays.1. SS2. FS3. CB (cover-2)4. CBNote 2: In contrast to LBs, an SS from a team with a BAD D-line does much better than an SS from a team with a good D-line because the LBs are forced to eat up blockers that the D-line failed to get, leaving the safeties as the last line of defense who have to make plenty of tackles.Note 3: Some teams play right and left LBs instead of Will and Sam, and some teams play cover-2 safeties rather than strong and weak. Proceed with caution and be familiar with a team's defensive scheme.Note 4: In general, while I feel that the #1 criterion for drafting offensive players is talent, the #1 criterion for drafting IDPs is opportunity/situation. Talent is secondary with IDPs.


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