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What job will Peyton Manning have when he retires from football? (1 Viewer)

What will he do for a living when he retires?

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  • Actor

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  • Political (including POTUS)

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I think he'll just go back down south to be a family man and raise a family much like his dad was able to do after he retired.

He can be just about anything he wants to be...

Personally I don't see him as an analyst, though he would be an incredible one. I see him as a coach at some point, maybe after taking a year or so off after retiring. I think he would be a great college coach, and maybe eventual NFL coach if he wanted to.

i say coach or analyst, but as many have said, he can do pretty much whatever he wants. he could probably win a seat in congress in either tennessee or indiana if he so chose.

One of (in order of likelihood)

1. Analyst

2. Mayor of Indianapolis

3. Governor of Indiana

4. Male model

5. Gay porn star

After his surprisingly good stint on SNL, I could see him in one of those down-home, aw-shucks sit-coms.


Long rumored he plans to finally come out when he is done playing.

As the first GLBT superstar athlete, events will steer him into political activism.

I don't think he'd make a very good analyst. Clearly, he knows football, but the guy is a drip.

Of course, if Troy Aikman can do it, I guess anyone can.


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