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What McFarlane figures do you own? (1 Viewer)


Brett Favre (throwing)

Brett Favre (TD celebration)

Ahman Green

Tom Brady 1

Tom Brady 2

Eli Manning 1

Eli Manning 2

Reggie Bush 1

Reggie Bush 2

Hines Ward

Anquan Boldin

Frank Gore

Byron Leftwich

John Elway

Peyton Manning (I think #2)

Joseph Addai

Jermaine O'Neal 1

Reggie Miller

and around 100 starting lineups (the sports figurines that were produced by Kenner/Hasbro prior to McFarlanes)

I'll be honest, I've never understood why anyone would buy one.
same reason people buy baseball cards.
And that's helping your argument?It's bad enough you're a FF nerd, but now you buy dolls to match your team?
I am by no means saying it's bad or good. I just don't understand laying down moeny for something I don't use. With a Jersey, I can at least wear it.
It's the same as having a poster/picture on the wall...only it' in 3D.Detail on these things are amazing.My list:Donovan McNabbBrian DawkinsBrian WestbrookReggie White (PHI)Ray LewisBrian UrlacherJay Cutler
Don't have any McFarlane's, but I still have the old-school Kenner Starting Lineup "rookie" figures from when I was a kid (late 80s-early 90s). Bo jackson, Eric Dickerson, Al Toon, and my favorite, Barry sanders.

The only one I have is Pac Man Jones - he's making it rain for Barbie, Polly Pocket, and the Bratz girls.

I have a Big Ben. Every year the trophy for winning one of my leagues is a McFarlane of one of the players on your team. I won my league last year and Ben was a big reason why. And I'd rather have a Roethlisberger than a Randy Moss.

I have a 12" custom Pat Tillman

Then a couple of the expensive Steve Yzerman's unopened.
That's a cool one. I want a few custom ones but haven't felt like blowing the $70 or so to get them.I only like the 12'' versions. I have every last one except for Favre, Vick, Moss, and one other I can't think of. I got most of them dirt cheap on Amazon.

I'll be honest, I've never understood why anyone would buy one.
Hello BG, our league by them for the winner of our Dynasty League each year. I have two of LT, one in blue jersey and one in white. One of Gates, one of Moss (NE) and this year it's either going to be Turner or Calvin Johnson. Neither Turner or CJ have one available at this time. But these guys were the MVP of my team each year I've won so it's fitting to purchase the MVP of the winner.It's good for bragging rights at our league superbowl or draft party (normally win the trophy i.e. McFarlane figure) is presented to the winner.Pretty damn cool actually. :thumbup: P.SThere's a really cool custom of Turner on Ebay.
-baller said:
LOLJust needs the "Rain Jacket & Visor" accessory pack. I shouldn't really say that because I'm in the camp that he's taking some unfair press for his playoff situation, but for the purposes of this thread, that is some funny #$%*!

I have to admit that I do collect the large figures. I don't keep them packaged though, maybe it's dorky or whatever, but I thought they were a cool addition to my "man room" football viewing mecca. To me, it's WAY better that having a fathead on the wall, but to each his own!

E. Smith

P. Manning

J. Bettis

J. Rice S.F.

L. Tomlinson

B. Favre

P. Holmes

B. Urlacher

W. Payton


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