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What's the Worst trade you've ever made? (1 Viewer)

That's easy, Arian Foster straight up for Lawrence Maroney (this was right before Ben Tate was injured, who was thought to be the starter). As I recall the other owner had Tate and we were just trading handcuffs (Maroney was the backup somewhere, the team escapes me now).

The only good thing about it is that the owner I traded him to didn't win the championship that year (was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs) and the league folded the following year.

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I had deangelo williams in 2007, so I went right back to the well in 2008, figuring I had just been a little early the prior year.

about halfway through the year he was kind of disappointing with only a couple td, and I was in a bit of a tough situation that I can't remember the details on, so I was all out of patience.

after i trade him he rips off about 16 td in the second half.

can't remember what I got.

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2009 I gave up Ray Rice after his rookie year for Kevin Smith. Smith looked better than Rice their first year, still regret the trade today.

I think I'll win this.

Gave up Rodgers, Favre, and a future 1st for Drew Bledsoe.

QB heavy scoring and I needed a starter.

This was when TO came to the Cowboys. Favre was coming off a down year and Rodgers was just a bench warmer.

Solid deal.

Pretty bad. Last offseason I traded Brandon Marshall for Kenny Britt and a 2012 1st.

The other owner ended up winning it all. I guess I better make that 1.12 count.

My worst trade ever was last year during an initial dynasty draft. Still don't know what the hell i was thinking (note that I picked Foster, then traded for picks which ended up as the other players):


FosterDeSean JacksonFred Jackson

Got:StaffordStevie JohnsonBeanie Wells

No surprise that I am picking 1.01 in our rookie draft this year.

Traded away Peyton Manning with his best years yet to come. Don't remember what I got. Doesn't. Matter.

My worst by far was right before the beginning of the 2010 season:

I got: Sidney Rice and a future 1st Rounder

I gave: LeSean McCoy

It seemed like a no-brainer at the time. So much so, that another owner tried to veto the trade. Oh lord I wish he would have succeeded! Rice had just had his monster year, and due to his injury concerns I viewed him as a buy low. The groupthink of footballguys hurt me on this one. I was always really high on McCoy, that was part of the reason I ended up drafting him, but I started to question myself after an average rookie season, and seeing all the experts bashing McCoy. I should have stuck with my gut, and realized McCoy was something special.

Towards the end of Gronk's rookie year [Drafted him at 2.09] I traded him for Ben Tate, to pair with Foster.

Though this was indeed terrible, I still have Tate after trading away Foster a month ago. Hoping Tate gets a job somewhere in 2014 to get me some tiny shred of residual value.


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