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What's Up With "Fast Surfaces" (1 Viewer)

Bob Magaw

this came up just recently with ohio state pro day... hawk ran a 4.3 by some clocks, & ran a 4.5 at combine...

whitner also ran a blazing fast 40 & bettered his combine time...

this sort of thing has gone on for years... the combine used to have a dreaded slow surface, & many players would dodge it & just run at pro day... justin fargas started a bit of a trend by running a very fast time in indy... showing that it could be done, & inspiring confidence in others...

i understand how different tracks & surfaces could vield variable times... some faster, some slower...

but even if ohio state does have a "fast" surface... it is still pretty impressive if hawk could run a 4.4 or even sub-4.4... under any conditions (i couldn't do that downhill :) )... that sounds pretty freaking fast & explosive...

unless some tracks actually have a slight slant & run downhill... i vaguely even recall hearing this accusation levelled (pun unintended) at some schools... but i'm not sure if so, or which ones...

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In addition to track surfaces, another factor that needs to be considered is the method of timing.

I'm not 100% sure but I would think that the combine is fully automated timing. This method will always be slower than a hand time with a stop watch.

When you say "some clocks" that makes me think it could have been a hand time.

Standard practice is to add .24 seconds to a hand time but someone with quick reflexes and timing experience can get closer to something like +.12 to +.14

Don't they use camera's and replay to get the actual 40 time at the combine. I think the combine 40 time is just more accurate.

Sort of like when they say a guy is 5'10'' but he really measures up as 5'9'' at the combine. Damn cheaters.

I don't know what they do at the combine. Do they use a starters gun or a whistle or what?

I do know that fully automated timing electronically connects the finish line cameras to the starters pistol and this will always make a slower time than going on human reaction time.


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